Features that will make your tail wag.

Easy appointments


With Yourgi, booking your pet’s appointments is a breeze. Select the date, time, and add any necessary notes or preferences. Securely and seamlessly book appointments for boarding stays, daycare visits, grooming sessions, and veterinary services with just a few simple taps. 

Remainders feature


Stay on top of your pet game and set up reminders for offers, appointment details, medication schedules, important app updates, referrals, and more. Yourgi is like a reliable friend that never lets you forget the essentials, making it easy to stay organized – even with a busy schedule.

Immunization records


Say goodbye to paperwork headaches and keep your pet’s health history at your fingertips. Yourgi manages and stores your pet's immunization records inside the application. Simply upload your pet’s information and their records will be there when you or your medical professionals need them. Just another level of expert care guiding you to your pet’s best life.


Discover feature


Embark on an adventure as you explore pet service destinations in your area and discover somewhere new. There are hundreds of Yourgi locations across the country who offer everything from veterinary medicine to grooming, boarding, daycare, training, and more. By connecting our centers through Yourgi, the customer experience is a walk in the park.

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